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We are currently open for submissions. Here are the guidelines:

Rules set in stone:

  1. The op-ed must be original and an exclusive to The Opinion Pages.
  2. Facts stated must be sourced with an embedded hotlink or be common knowledge (i.e. 2+2 = 4).
  3. No insults, rude language, ad hominem attacks or crudeness allowed.

General guidelines:

  1. Op-eds should be around 650-1000 words in length.
  2. It should be written in your voice, to reflect your point of view.
  3. Your opinions should be backed up by facts or evidence.

How to submit:

  1. Send op-eds to
  2. Please embed the op-ed into the body of the email but a Word document also accepted.
  3. In that same email, please submit both a head-shot and a one-to-two sentence bio that includes your professional or personal background to better connect you to the subject matter of the op-ed.

We will review each submission and provide an email response usually within 24 hours or less. We regret we cannot take every submission.