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About The Opinion Pages

The Opinion Pages was created to be an op-ed page that was not partisan and would feature thoughtful voices from both the political Left and the Right. Our target audience is key thought leaders, lawmakers and other influential voices in the public policy landscape. While our focus is political, we also run pieces about a variety of topics including culture, entertainment and sports. 

As the creator of this new opinion platform, it is my sincere hope that readers will take the time to consider perspectives different than their own.

Gary Meltz


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Gary Meltz
Gary Meltz is a Chicago (Lincolnwood) native, a University of Kansas alum, and lives in New Orleans, but works in Washington, DC. He runs a boutique high-stakes issues public affairs firm and for the last ten years has managed the University of Kansas’ Washington DC Internship Program. Before joining the private sector, Gary worked on Capitol Hill and in Democratic politics.

Ike Brannon
Ike Brannon is a former senior economist for the United States Treasury and U.S. Congress. Ike is a native of Peoria, Illinois. Currently, Ike is the President of Capital Policy Analytics, a consulting firm that does research on issues related to public policy and financial markets. A Republican, he is also a Senior Fellow at the Jack Kemp Foundation and helps run the Savings and Retirement Foundation.